• Jacob Truby

The Beloit Chorale

Archive: November 1, 2017


I trust you are doing well. It is with great excitement that I wish to announce that I am founding a professional choir in Beloit, Wisconsin. The Beloit Chorale will have their inaugural performance on Friday, July 20, 2018.

The mission of the Beloit Chorale is to educate those in attendance of a broad range of choral music, to relate and share in the human experience through sound, to inspire listeners through music to be their best selves, and to be ambassadors to the great city of Beloit. We hope for this ensemble to be a shining emblem across the state of Wisconsin and just one example of the fact that Beloit is home to diverse backgrounds, hardworking people, and unparalleled kindness.

While I am loving my time in Riga and will continue to live here throughout the school year, I wish to remain close to my roots in the state and region that helped raise me. Beloit is truly a wonderful town, with brilliant people. I would be honored to work with the city and show everyone what makes Beloit wonderful.

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