• Jacob Truby

Letting Kids be Kids

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Monday, September 7, 2020


I trust you are doing well. This third week of school kicks off our Project Trips, four straight days of field trips around the American School of The Hague. These activities are at the beach, a local water park, and in the forest, most of which we commute to by bike. This time off-campus is considered by ASH teachers to be crucial, as these activities and playtime allow for our transient student population to meet one another and do just that: play. A colleague mentioned to me today the importance of letting these Grade 5-8 students "remain kids for as long as possible." I cannot stop thinking about this and could not agree more! There will come a time for them to consider bigger, macro, and global ways of thinking. They'll need to consider course selections, extracurricular activities, and plan the remainder of their time in K-12 education. Until that time is necessary, I choose to let our kids be kids. #teachlikeapirate #reclaimingourcalling

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