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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Monday, December, 2020


I trust you are doing well. As we conclude school for 2020, with so many unknowns ahead of us, I must stop and remember how lucky this year has been for us in the Netherlands. While the year has not gone without lockdowns, stress for both students' families and their teachers, not to mention economic strains, I am continually grateful that, up until this past Wednesday, we were singing in our choir classes at the American School of The Hague. It was not perfect and, at times it was even frustrating. Still, it was inspiring to witness the participatory leadership enacted at our school and our team leaders' decisions based on kids' best interests.

I have also been thankful for the opportunity to continue singing, even if in small, spacially-distanced groups. It has been an honor to sing with the Justinus Ensemble for the past few months. Please enjoy this Coventry Carol arrangement by Philip Stopford, recorded by the Justinus Ensemble inside Leiden's Hooglandse Kerk. I hope everyone has a restful, relaxing winter holiday and look forward to crossing paths with you in 2021.

You are the future!

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